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A tool for extracting plain text from Wikipedia dumps

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wikiextractor is a Python script that extracts and cleans text from a Wikipedia database dump.

The tool is written in Python and requires no additional library.

For further information, see the project Home Page or the Wiki.

This is a beta version that performs template expansion by preprocesssng the whole dump and extracting template definitions.


The script is invoked with a Wikipedia dump file as an argument. The output is stored in a number of files of similar size in a chosen directory. Each file will contains several documents in this document format.

usage: [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-b n[KMG]] [-c] [--html] [-l]
            [-ns ns1,ns2] [-s] [--templates TEMPLATES]
            [--no-templates] [--threads THREADS] [-q] [--debug]
            [-a] [-v]

positional arguments:
  input                 XML wiki dump file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --threads THREADS     Number of threads to use (default 2)

  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
            output directory
  -b n[KMG], --bytes n[KMG]
            put specified bytes per output file (default is 1M)
  -c, --compress        compress output files using bzip

  --html                produce HTML output, subsumes --links and --sections
  -l, --links           preserve links
  -ns ns1,ns2, --namespaces ns1,ns2
            accepted namespaces
  -s, --sections        preserve sections
  --templates TEMPLATES
            use or create file containing templates
  --no-templates        Do not expand templates

  -q, --quiet           suppress reporting progress info
  --debug               print debug info
  -a, --article         analyze a file containing a single article (debug)
  -v, --version         print program version

Saving templates to a file will speed up performing extraction the next time, assuming template definitions have not changed.

Option --no-templates significantly speeds up the extractor, avoiding the cost of expanding MediaWiki templates.